Ángel is a Fullstack and dev-ops with more than 15+ years of experience. He is also a CTO and designer of platforms / solutions in all the apps/dapps spectre (architect, mobile, security, tokeconomics, UX). From web/app, game, server to devops Ángel has worked in a wide range of fields and prefers to create complete market solutions. In regards to Blockchain most of his experience is in dev nodejs libraries for tron blockchain (GRPC communication, smart contract ABI decoding, …); dev secure management of critical information (private keys) for inhouse solutions; transactions and block information filtering/management, vote counters for tron blockchain; trc10, trc20 smart contract (erc20 compatible) token creation; designing product tokeconomics.

To learn more about  Ángel, please reach out to us.

Blockchain Stacks: Tron, Solidity, GRPC
Tech Stacks: Unity3D, Javascript (NodeJS), Angular, PHP, Docker, Java