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We are the Blockchain Collective.

Our mission is to help technology startups and established companies to get access to the best blockchain talent in the world. Our data-driven assessment combines human psychograms , value assessments and coding tests to fit with your requirements and culture, to offer you the best Blockchain Talent in the world.

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Seasoned Software Engineers, Web Developers, Application Developers & Hackers with expertise across different Blockchain protocols and technologies.

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Seasoned Software and Application Architects with expertise across different Blockchain protocols and technologies.

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Experienced Software and technology consultants with expertise across different Blockchain protocols and technologies.

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Product & Project Managers

Digital and technical Product Managers and Project Managers, Scrum Masters, and more with expertise in numerous PM tools, frameworks and styles.

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The Collective

We help you design, build and support Blockchain projects worldwide. Let us make your next Blockchain project stand out together! Interested? Let's chat.

Why work with us?

We help companies achieve their goals by providing top-tier freelance talent on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis - for any company size. We will make your business stand out in the Blockchain industry. Interested? Let's chat.

We have the best

Get access to the top 3% of the Blockchain Experts in the world

Scale as you want

You need just one Developer to support your team, no problem. You need a whole team, also no problem. Scale as you want, we help you to build your next amazing dedicated Blockchain expert team.

Money back guarantee

You are not happy about the past sprints work, no problem. We give you a money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the outcome.

Our Process

How does the Blockchain Collective work?

1. Tell us what kind of Blockchain Expert you need

We will do our free Blockchain Talent Audit with you, to find the best candidate matching your requirements.

2. We find you the perfect match

After our Talent Audit we will match you with the right candidate and get everyone onboarded.

3. Work with them at no risk

Lean back, we will do the hiring and paperwork for you. Just share with us with whom of our matches you might want to start working on your project and we are ready to start.

4. They become part of your team

The Blockchain Collective becomes an integrated part of your team. Our Blockchain experts will build your next decentralized solution custom tailored to your needs.

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